Indonesia Electricity Projections after 2009

In the year of 2008 Indonesia has a public policy that Indonesia are going to have light covering all island by the 1000 MW by construct Coal Fire Power Plant, and as the one who responsible to do it is PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara). in 2009 all project will be in construction phase, and projected finished in 2010.

the Electricity demand will be increase in line with the Industrial and Population growth, because of that all the project made in here has prepared to cover it.

The next episode of Project in electrical construction is Geothermal Power Plant, its kind a very risk project because the Geothermal has unstable pressure and the sulfuric content is very high. this is the main factor which is effecting the design. the sulfur content of fluid pop-up from the well is considered to use piping material that have anti corrosion layer, such as Stainless steel or Titanium.

the investment of Geothermal Power Plant is higher than Coal Fired Power Plant, if we can compare by the caloric value and Rp/kWh.the next project is Geothermal PP, it because Indonesia has many of geothermal resources, as the government in electricity so most of the resource will be considered to be constructed.

Many countries has look at Indonesia electricity potentials in which the natural potential that has not been utilized. Indonesia is one of the biggest country produce Coal, either high  or low calorific. China and South Korea, has invest and take a part in 10000MW project, but China is the biggest one with almost 99% the project were taken by chinas contractor.

More over Indonesia government took this as an opportunities to increase the local power plant manufacturer by regulating in the contract about local content and participation on partnership engineering project. it is projected that local power plant manufacturer will increase the capabilities of their technologies to face the second 10,000MW power plant project which take place for geothermal power plant.


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