How to break the “law” of graduate school

This blog post is so awaited by so many graduate school student around the world. but I would explain first about the “law” of graduate school. it is a law that invisible and unrecorded for graduate school student who get sponsorship from a supervisor or professor in a form of “scholarship” that require a hard work in the laboratory.

Here are the part of invisible law of graduate school (that I experienced on it):

  • 1. Your advisor is always right no matter what.
  • 2. If you have a high confidence and evidence that your theory/ assumption is right. Prove it!!
  • 3. You have to attend to your lab before 9 am and go home after 10 pm to 12 am, it is because your advisor comes before 8 am and return to his residence after 1 am.
  • 4. You have to attend to your lab even at Saturday and Sunday, for Sunday usually until 6 pm.
  • 5. You have to get data as much as your advisor is satisfied
  • 6. You have to clean your dusty lab because tomorrow is inspection time from university officer
  • 7. You have to grade all undergraduate student report
  • 8. You have to make papers and journals as many as your advisor wants
  • 9. Your vacation time is after finish your thesis book and its limited to three weeks only
  • 10. Don’t ask about his family life because its confidential
  • 11. etc.

A lot things happen while you are in graduate school of  “lab” with your advisor but this things are relatively similar to all graduate student around the globe. so don’t worry you are not a lone ;). No matter the law is, you still have to make a good relation to your advisor because he is the person who can bridge your early dream (pursue higher education level).

Now, I tell you the secretes to break these invisible law;

  • You have God that always right, your advisor is human that have high error (maybe about 99% error deviation). But your God 100% right
  • Prove your theory that you are right by showing other published international journal that is written by famous person in the research area. If you can not, so don’t.
  • hot law “attend in the lab”, this law seem very hard to break but you have to confidence and give a strong reasons to your advisor that  you can not fulfill this law. I give you an example “I have a family now, I have to stay for dinner with them”
  • Saturday and Sunday should be resting day or family day after 5 days working. You can use same reason “Family” but if your advisor is not a “family” person its gonna bit hard. Organization might be suit for you or religion reasons that you have to pray for whole day.
  • law number 5, 6, 7 and 8; my advise is “just do it”.
  • law no 9, buy airplane ticket as soon as possible. so your advisor wont disturb your vacation time to be changed.
  • if you want to know about his family, ask your senior or your lab mate.

thats all that I can share about breaking the law of graduate school. I don’t want you to be a bad person in your advisor eyes, but you have to balance your life. See the positive effects you would find after breaking this “law”, have nice try.


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