Good doctor in Yeosu

Cheil Hospital

I have been living in Yeosu city-South Korea- for about two years, and in the next two years there will be an expo. Yeosu is a small city located in the southern Korean peninsula more exactly is in Chollanam-do (Chollanam Province).

Recently my wife came to accompany me for my last semester in master degree school. I feel so Happy that she is pregnant and now (November 24, 2010) entering 12th weeks (count start from the last menstruation date). Yesterday we went to 제일병원 (Cheil Hospital) for check-up her condition and our baby. We met gynecology and obstetric doctor in that hospital, by using USG (ultrasound sonar graphic) I saw our baby. My baby length is about 4.5cm, the formation of head, hands, stomach, legs are perfect.

We are lucky to have baby, and more over the doctor is very kind. He give us a discount for about 50% every time we go there. if he not give any discount, the full payment is about 27,000Won only for consultation and USG but if there is any other health test it would be more then that. Yesterday, my wife should have pregnant abnormal test, this test to check whether is there any syndrome  of down syndrome or not. the doctor said that in Korea all pregnant woman should take this test so if there is any abnormal pregnancy would be known and take any proper medical act. And this test was discounted for 50% too.

Some of doctor in Cheil hospital can speak English very well, but some are not. if you are a foreigner who stay in Yeosu and  got sick, I can recommend you to come to this hospital.

I know one doctor who has medical service in my campus, he also works in Cheil Hospital. He is a nice person who help me and my wife living in this town, Yeosu. He is the person who recommended us to came to Obgyn doctor and tell him to give discount for about 50%. And He introduced her wife to us to help us in many conditions. Now they are just like our parents in here.

I think God, Alloh Swt, sent them to us and to our baby.

Thank You Alloh.




2 thoughts on “Good doctor in Yeosu

  1. Hey Maulana, how have you been? I am Azimov, I was in the same lab of Chonnam National University with Dominicus Danardono. My second daughter was born in Korea in that Chail hospital. I think you have made a good decision by choosing that hospital. The total cost (delivery+treatment+food+room charge) was about 400,000 Korean Won. My wife stayed there for about 4 days including pre-delivery treatment. How are things going on in Yeosu?

    Best regards

    • Hi Mr Azimov PhD,, hihihi
      hows going in Japan, I hope you in a good health because its going to Winter,,
      Thank you for your Information about cheil hospital, my wife is predicted to have baby in June next year. but we are thinking to have baby in Indonesia, therefore we plan to return to Indonesia by next month (January) and begin a whole new life. it mean that we are not continuing living in Yeosu after I submit my thesis book. and by the way, Thank you for your advices last year it was so influence me to have this decision.

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