Short review of Narita Int. Airport

This is my first time journey to Japan and of course its the first time I came to Narita Int. Airport. I went to Japan departed from Gimhae Int. Airport at 13.55 bording time and JAL (Japan Air Line) as the flight vessel, I was dissapointed with JAL due to the food. The passanger could not choose the main menu because JAL only provides one bento. As a Muslim I have to concern to food composition, is it classified as halal food or not. so when I was eating I make  a serious attention to each pace of bento that they gave to me.

Narita Int. Airport was not different to other international airport, I can compare it with two other airport, Incheon and Hongkong. A few minutes after landed on the Airport, I was transported from terminal 2 to immigration by a train that just a similar one with in incheon train. But it has minus poin from incheon, that the train are to short so it could not take all the passangers.

At the immigration, when the immigration officer checked my ID and passport, I was asked to put my right and left forefingers on scanners. After that she took a picture of mine by using a webcam, wow very tight, but I wass pass :).

This airport connected to a subway that could transported all the passanger to all Japan island. Similar with incheon airport that has a subway, but sadly I have never use it. the ticket price is just very expensive compared with korean subway, although the living cost at Japan is about two or three times than at South Korea and it also might because the currency of Yen is about 10-12 times than Won. For me as a student that have been stay for one and hafl year in South Korea, live in Japan is very expensive.

I will give three and half stars from maximum 5 to Narita Int. Airport


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