Searching for one room apartement

The life as a graduate student or university student is not separated with the place where you live. long time a go when I was at undergraduate student I stayed in a lodging house or “kos-kosan” in Indonesian language. it was quite simple place such a small room 3 m x 2.5 m with a bed, a table and a small shower room. the electric shock only one and should be conjuncted it with an additional cable.

The payment was about two hundred thousand rupiah per months and if I brought another electric equipment such as computer, tv, and a fan, each them will be costed around ten thousand rupiah. it was fair because the electricity cost was expensive after all and keep increases until now. but sadly if so many occupants brought those household electric furniture, the electric will go down or black-out because the power is not capable to turn on all them.

And now I am in South Korea, and try to get a place to stay a while.  hemm I was looking around place near to campus with a help from my friend, Mr Danar, he is also Indonesian. he already stay at one room apartement, a place that has a area about 4 m x 2 m, a kitchen, a bathroom, complete with desk and a commode. but lucky him, his professor payed the place.

the monthly payment is about two hundred thousand won or if convertend to rupiah is about one million and  six hundred thousand rupiah, eight times than in Indonesia. the place is completed with rice cooker, refrigeration, and small kitchen. this payment is exclude the electricity and gas, electric is about 20,000 won and for gas varible, at winter it very expensive about 70,000won and at summer down to 40,000won.

I did this because of a preparation for my wife come to Korea in the first time. I want a nice and clean place for her to stay while she will here later.


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