Power puff girl and the professor

the clip above is a carrying person, namely Professor, to his inventions. The professor unintentionally found a great invention, a three little girl born with super power. those three little girl has their own characters which came from different taste of materials. sugar, spice, and everything nice.. from these materials born Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossoms, respectively.

red: Blossom, yellow: Bubbles, green: Buttercup

well they are the experimental result even from “inadvertence” accidental. But the important thing is the professor very fall in love with them, he protect his inventions from the bad person, such as mojo-jojo the monkey.
the professor received love from his experimental result. but wait, where is the assistant that generally ALWAYS help a professor? why not mentioned in any single scenes, research assistant usually a graduate student. I guess the graduate student is not important character developed in this cartoon. because the viewer don’t understand what is graduate student exactly.


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