Professor life

For science or credit

At more than one year I spend my life in this laboratory, I have an eye for my professor life or daily life.  He always concern to the experiment but more concern to making a report of experiment in a journal. He attend many of conferences to spread his or his  co-research experiments. Therefore, he push me hardly – as his co-research, to produce many papers submitted to conferences.

I wonder what makes he does that. is it because he really concern to science or experiments? it might true he become a real professor that dedicated to science but at a university there is a name of credit that professor has to get. as many papers are submitted as that the credit is goes. I think he just want to get those credit point, so he push me to more active on making papers or journals.

In a academic world, a professor is an advisor to the graduate-student who seek their degree in either master or philosophy degree. He will bring to those who want join with the research field that on his specialty to make an experimental or study. meanwhile, he is responsible to the quality of study, I become to his copy of what he is doing. so it is not truly I expected to be his copy because I don’t wanna it.

I do respect to what he does with his graduate-students, but sometime he HAS to listen what they want to learn and not just  to copy his specialties. Therefore, I can’t work with people whose not listening any suggestions.

On vacation day or holiday

He spend a lot his time on lab, I don’t understand why he doing that. does he has a family? of course he does. but his time too much in the lab. even I never see his family come to visit him here. rumors  said he has a wife and a daughter, but I never see her or even his wife.

in Korea there are many holiday, such as cuseok, or Buddha’s birth day. And he never attend any ceremony of them and always be present on his lab (lab means is a room, it is not exactly laboratory)

so how about his family life.. I still don’t understand his mind.

My life is so short, I can not give my time in this area too many.


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