Hey, my Degree is M.Eng

Thank to Alloh [my God], I will get my degree on Engineering. Although my study in this campus just look like a scientist which has to proof the experiment on a report called journal.

in the early time my purpose is  to get a higher degree maximum to master degree, even I didn’t think about type of the degree it self. so what is the different between master of science [M.Sc] and master of engineering?

If I look at Google.com, it will gives the first link to Wikipedia.com, the most different is the area of the specialization. Science and Engineering in general it is almost same at higher school. As the graduate student, I observe some of universities in South Korea. Some of them are engineering major gives M.Eng and some of other gives M.Sc. but somehow, publics have their own marking which M.Eng is exactly an engineer and M.Sc is a scientist.

I think at working field for engineering field such as EPC consultant or other engineering field, M.Eng has the place on their eyes rather than M.Sc. I’m sure it is possible for me to re-enter the job field on engineering slightly easier by M.Eng degree. but how about the PhD?

I rather not to discuss the PhD degree, it just so complicated. doctor but not doctor [ general medical], it is a Philosophy Doctor. The job for Ph.D match with scientist and lecture at university or laboratory job. So many people are go to PhD but it is because they Really wanted it.

PhD is not for money

PhD is not for recognition,

PhD is not for prestige, or

a job

other people says positively on PhD but some was negation on it. so it depend on the purpose of life.

I made my life path in the world, my grand design. although it was so simple but it helps me to be a reminder if I would be in a wrong path.


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