Radio PPI Dunia

Recently for many Indonesian strudent who study abroad in other foreign country know one internet streaming radio, named RadioPPIDunia (link). This radio were born from the idea to unified Indonesian strudent arround the world in one equality that is music.




I’m your listener

I feel not lonely when I am at lab, working my homework or laboratory work. So delightful to hear you airing when I am in the middle of no where, no when, no what, no anything.


Power puff girl and the professor

the clip above is a carrying person, namely Professor, to his inventions. The professor unintentionally found a great invention, a three little girl born with super power. those three little girl has their own characters which came from different taste of materials. sugar, spice, and everything nice.. from these materials born Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossoms, respectively.

red: Blossom, yellow: Bubbles, green: Buttercup

well they are the experimental result even from “inadvertence” accidental. But the important thing is the professor very fall in love with them, he protect his inventions from the bad person, such as mojo-jojo the monkey.
the professor received love from his experimental result. but wait, where is the assistant that generally ALWAYS help a professor? why not mentioned in any single scenes, research assistant usually a graduate student. I guess the graduate student is not important character developed in this cartoon. because the viewer don’t understand what is graduate student exactly.

Searching for one room apartement

The life as a graduate student or university student is not separated with the place where you live. long time a go when I was at undergraduate student I stayed in a lodging house or “kos-kosan” in Indonesian language. it was quite simple place such a small room 3 m x 2.5 m with a bed, a table and a small shower room. the electric shock only one and should be conjuncted it with an additional cable.

The payment was about two hundred thousand rupiah per months and if I brought another electric equipment such as computer, tv, and a fan, each them will be costed around ten thousand rupiah. it was fair because the electricity cost was expensive after all and keep increases until now. but sadly if so many occupants brought those household electric furniture, the electric will go down or black-out because the power is not capable to turn on all them.

And now I am in South Korea, and try to get a place to stay a while.  hemm I was looking around place near to campus with a help from my friend, Mr Danar, he is also Indonesian. he already stay at one room apartement, a place that has a area about 4 m x 2 m, a kitchen, a bathroom, complete with desk and a commode. but lucky him, his professor payed the place.

the monthly payment is about two hundred thousand won or if convertend to rupiah is about one million and  six hundred thousand rupiah, eight times than in Indonesia. the place is completed with rice cooker, refrigeration, and small kitchen. this payment is exclude the electricity and gas, electric is about 20,000 won and for gas varible, at winter it very expensive about 70,000won and at summer down to 40,000won.

I did this because of a preparation for my wife come to Korea in the first time. I want a nice and clean place for her to stay while she will here later.

Papers and Journals for Conference

Last week my professor, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Dept., gave me an assignment to make papers for conference namely SAREK (The Society of Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea). the papers that I made has the sources from older thesis of previous graduate student and from the same method of another graduate student. I had the permission to use those sources.

the first paper is discuss about refrigerated container vehicle, in this case the container car that used to deliver raw meat, such as fish, were analyzed. The fresh meat should be maintained with a low temperature environment surounding the meat. But energy that has to turn on in this car is much consumption for the fuel. An optimization process on refrigeration cycle has been done experimentally. the experimental it self has shown a good agreement with the optimized cycle, a heat storage were utilized on the system. the optimization results are faster on deliver low temperature in the container and much saving energy than general refrigeration system.

The another paper is discuss about boiling heat transfer coefficient, h. When I was at hight school, I studied about physics and heat transfer coefficient indicates heat properties of materials ability to transfer heat from initial point to final poin. So by knowing the heat transfer coefficient, I know the heat capacity that I have to give by using simple equation, Q=k x A x dT / L. k is heat transfer coefficient for conduction process, A is for cross area, dT is temperature different between first poin with the last poin, L is the length of both poin. Now is not just a simple equation like the last one but so many considerations should be included on the analysis.

I will try to post the papers on my pages in this blog. The papers will also be published on SAREK journal and IJACR (international Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration). usually the journal for refrigeration is IJR (International Journal of Refrigeraion), the only different is the popularity of journal. IJR is assosiated with IIR (International Institute of Refrigeration) meanwhile IJACR assosiated with SAREK, CMIIW.

hemm, I guess this is the ultimate paper for this semester and for next semester my professor will ask me again to make one or two papers/ journals. until then, I will say GOOD BYE to him. Because I just wanna to get my Master degree on this area. I will try to get another job in Singapore or in my own country but with expatriate salary indeed.

Hey, my Degree is M.Eng

Thank to Alloh [my God], I will get my degree on Engineering. Although my study in this campus just look like a scientist which has to proof the experiment on a report called journal.

in the early time my purpose is  to get a higher degree maximum to master degree, even I didn’t think about type of the degree it self. so what is the different between master of science [M.Sc] and master of engineering?

If I look at, it will gives the first link to, the most different is the area of the specialization. Science and Engineering in general it is almost same at higher school. As the graduate student, I observe some of universities in South Korea. Some of them are engineering major gives M.Eng and some of other gives M.Sc. but somehow, publics have their own marking which M.Eng is exactly an engineer and M.Sc is a scientist.

I think at working field for engineering field such as EPC consultant or other engineering field, M.Eng has the place on their eyes rather than M.Sc. I’m sure it is possible for me to re-enter the job field on engineering slightly easier by M.Eng degree. but how about the PhD?

I rather not to discuss the PhD degree, it just so complicated. doctor but not doctor [ general medical], it is a Philosophy Doctor. The job for Ph.D match with scientist and lecture at university or laboratory job. So many people are go to PhD but it is because they Really wanted it.

PhD is not for money

PhD is not for recognition,

PhD is not for prestige, or

a job

other people says positively on PhD but some was negation on it. so it depend on the purpose of life.

I made my life path in the world, my grand design. although it was so simple but it helps me to be a reminder if I would be in a wrong path.