Jelly-Chocó Milk

Today I was wondering what would be the best food for breakfast; suddenly I remembered there is a Jelly-Chocolate powder in my storage food. Thank you for my friend, Edita M, who gave me the Jelly powder when she got her birth-day last month. To prepare the whole material I just need to read the cooking instruction at the back of the pack.

I need water about 700ml, 60gr sugar, and a pan for boiling the mixture. I though it just a very simple ingredient to put in my hand. After read all instructions I began to cook. But though I have fresh milk it might good to replace water as one of the ingredient. Take a look down here;

As the instruction say, I have to mix the jelly powder with the sugar and then pour down the milk. Stir all the dough until mixed. Here is the picture before mixed and after mixed, respectively;

Take a look the pictures above; it is different between mixes and unmixed. The mixture is faster if its boiled with heat source (sorry I am using formal language he he he ). And after boiled the dough, turn off your gas and pour it to a bowl or if you have a molding dough you can pour it to them. I don’t have a molding dough so I just use a bowl. Now while I am waiting my Jelly-Choco milk ready, I write this blog to all of you to give an inspiration in a breakfast time.

Here is my Jelly-Choco milk;

Have a nice try J

Now my Jelly-Chocolate is READY.. put on a clean plate with a piece of bread and grape juice. Take a look this caption;

your morning breakfast inspiration


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