Hong Kong Airport Support Muslim Need

A few months ago I was using an air service from South Korea to Jakarta-Indonesia. The journey was took about 9 hours if using direct flight but I would prefer using transit flight because it is cheaper even I must take about 12 hours. It was kind a travel for me visiting other countries international airport, I just look around spinning the whole areas in the airport. I can spend lot of time to see other countries culture and technology by what they sell.

Usually in international airport there so many stores selling traditional stuff something like souvenir. As we know that all product is free duty, although much more expensive rather than buy outside airport.

While I was waiting for the next flight which was took about four hours letter. I cannot wait for hunger stomach; I have to search for a food. Alhamdulillah [Thank God], I found halal [allowed] food for Muslim in this airport. Popeye has a certification of halal food. And then I ordered one package of chicken, potatoes, bread and soft drink. One package spent about 57 Hong Kong dollars, I change my money currency from Won (KR) to Hong Kong dollars at money changer inside the airport. After my stomach full, I took a rest while looking for internet connection.

In this airport I can connect anywhere because so many internet hotspot (Wi-Fi) and it is free, but my laptop batteries is not long enough to run. I look for cable connection but sadly it was not match. But I don’t have to worry, there is free computers connected with internet even sometimes I have to wait to use them, many people had same purpose to use them too.

Times running, as a Muslim there is an obligation to pray five times a day. I realize that have to pray but when I wanted to perform my praying someone said that there is a praying place, then I search for that place and I found sign like this;

This is a sign for a praying place, firstly I felt doubt to enter the place because a little bit weird sign. I though this sign was for Buddhist praying sign, take a look closer to the sign. Then I look inside to confidence my self, here the caption;

So this is the place I was looking for. A praying room for Muslim, complete with place to take wudhu. I felt so delightful that this airport provide a place for praying. So if you are a Muslim don’t worry about your shalat (paying). Just ask information table where is praying room for Muslim. J


12 thoughts on “Hong Kong Airport Support Muslim Need

  1. but as far as i remember, there is no place to take wudhu near there, like in normal mushalla.. i had to go to the male toilet, which is located quite near to see (in front of that praying room) but quite far to reach (because of the moving road belt in between)

    • I had same experience like you had, I took Whudu at toilet across horizontal-elevator and make my shoes get soaked. I done that because of the water spurted very little at wudhu place.
      the wudhu place located inside the praying room at right side of the door.

    • jika sedang menanti diterminal, biasanya didekat tempat duduk tunggu pesawat. dan letaknya agak ditengah sepanjang satu terminal. jika ada toilet di sebelah kiri elevator-datar maka letak musholah disebelah kanan elevator-datar.

    • waktu itu pakai chatay, lupa juga terminalnya buat nunggu itu terminal berapa.

      bisa jadi di setiap lorong terminal ada praying place. jadi bisa ditanyakan ke information desk.

  2. Tepatnya di terminal 2. Persis jalan masuk antara terminal 1 ke terminal 2. Sebelah toko seven eleven

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