Travel to Odongdo Island near to Yeosu City, South Korea

Well, I will tell you my trip to Odongdo Island last Sunday (2010/04/18). Right now Yeosu city is on mood to promotes their tourism, take a look for the official website after browsing a while, I had my own travel idea.

I planed to go to Odongdo Island which is near by my campus, Chonnam National Univerisity at Yeosu Campus. This was my first trip around the city for more about one year I have lived in here, :). Let just see what I found in Odong do Island, take a look my uploaded video

this is the dancing fountain, aah what a nice musics presented with a harmonic dancing fountain. it is really a good combination. oh ya, it is nice to see this fountain at night, here is the video link (click me).

I was lucky, I found three starfish but two of them are already dried out so I just send them back to the sea, look at this

I found them dried already

and the other one is lucky trapped in a wallow, then I return her back to the mother sea. here is the video;

there so many adventure you can get at Odongdo island, although it is a small island but the management is very good, its clean and safety. the most important place that you should to visit is the light house; here some captions

I was inside of the light house

Mr blue light house

the light house, you should go there

I recommend to take trip at spring season, because the air is very good for hang-out. have nice trip to Yeosu.


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