Working Grand Design

my design for future

This grand design builds as a short guidance for my working time in this world, as I am who responsible for the family welfare. I hope this grand design will be implemented and make it as an effort to motivate my self.

This is the explaination of the grand design;

First after finished the Master Degree in Korea, the next step is working in the same major as my education background that is in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering, actually there are many things to choose on the working field, such as (look at this list);

1. Researcher

2. R&D (Research and Development in HVAC&R Company)

3. HVAC engineer

4. Refrigeration engineer

5. HVAC facility engineer


Even as a sales engineer,

I rather choose as HVAC engineer, despite in this major I am directed as a Researcher on Boiling and Convection which mean relates to heat and mass transfer, but I am the master student and I am choosing my capacity as HVAC, why I’m choosing HVAC, it is because after graduate the industry needs in HVAC engineer is very high. And what kind of industry will take part on HVAC, as I know there are;

1. The Oil/Gas/Power

2. Construction

3. Consultant

5. Manufacture


Even home industry,

Before go to Oil/Gas/Power industry I have to prepare some of the competention of HVAC engineer, such as (look the grand design figure above) basic science of HVAC and the most important is working experiences in this HVAC field. Absolutely the industry will choose their new commer with high quality which mean having working experience related to HVAC. How come I get experience working on the company while I am studying, I am not worry about it, the trully is, my present in this college it is because my name is used as some of projects being done even I am not directly involve on it, I could use it as refference in my ressume as working experiences. What next chalange is the language, if I want to works overseas my English should be improved even now I am using it as my communication language to krorean people, I think I need more practice in English and another language such Korea and Arab. I will learn it as a naturally it because I don’t have any more time to learn it.

Oil/Gas/Power Instead of the money [ being rich is a good things ], this area is so interesting, when I was graduate from Mech.Eng, I want to work related to my Final Report (it was about Power Cyclus) and then Alloh Swt, destined me work in PLN-E, power plant consultant and subsidiary company of PLN, and now writes this grand design it is my necessity to build my future carriers to entering oil company in Indonesia.

In the figure above for the working place I choose Overseas Oil/Gas/Power Company, because these companies are more attractive with the numeration and the working challenge is higher than in Indonesia and the most important is the working experience that I can get, as I said to build my carriers in Oil Company in Indonesia. A good Carrier should be build to have easy steps or smooth way to the top, as manager until director. This carrier shall not oddmented; I have to take some advantages in the carrier such as Working Partner and Big Network. Partner that I can trust on making my dream that is Build a Company and Network to support the company with some projects.

Aah, at last my dream to make a company will be come true, this company should be rise and grow fast to defeat other competitors (even big competitors).

I know this grand design will not exactly would come like written as it is. But I know by doing this is one step to the future.